The Translation of What I Am Thinking

Through artworks, I express my innermost thoughts and feelings. Most of the time, the things that I am trying to express can not be described through human languages. They are always so complicated, vague and paradoxical. I mean, isn’t this the point of making an art piece, like a drawing, a painting, and a sculpture? There is art because people realize that certain feeling can not be expressed to others through written words or conversations. Art is the only tool to show the rest of the world what the artist is thinking, when the thoughts of the artist can not be manifested through other media.

Then here comes the question: how to translate one’s thinking into a piece of art? Here I am actually going to talk about how I am doing this. Different people tend to use different ways and methods to illustrate their thoughts in their artworks. I too have some methods that I personally prefer to use. I think my primary way, or the first choice, when I am trying to let the viewers know my feelings is using symbols or symbolic images. I remember that, when I was making a dry-point print as my final project of my sophomore year, I wanted to create a space that makes people see chaos and feel perplexed. After searching through my mind and looking for a symbol that best fits my purpose, I decided to create a huge spiral staircase in the center of my print. It gives a feel that one’s eyesight is being absorbed by the center of the spiral into the unknown darkness and everything else is swirling around the vanishing point of the staircase. The spiral staircase, functioning as the symbolic image here, let the viewers know that I was feeling perplexed and my mind was in a state of unsureness and chaos at that time.

Another way to transmit my feelings is using different colors in drawings and paintings. Warm colors generally give the viewers an impression of positive, happy and vital, while cold colors always make me feel tranquil, dispassionate and even afraid. I call black and white extreme colors, for one contains every color in the world and the other contains no color at all. Using extreme colors wisely can also help me to manifest my thoughts. Black, to me, sometimes means endless possibilities, and sometimes means death, iniquity and darkness. White, on the another hand, always relates to life, heaven, and holy things, but it can give the views a feeling of mystery.

There are millions of other mechanism to show feelings and thoughts, and this is why art is endless, and this is why I am so obsessed with it.

目录5Dry point printmaking “Where Are You”

@Williams, Tabor
Sep. 15th, 2014

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  1. I like the way you have analyzed your thinking by using a work of art that you created. I feel this is a very personal exploration, well done. A few edits would make it that much better.

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