Self-Portrait and Burning Man Project


Collecting and sorting out ideas through sketchbook is truly an efficient way to kickstart a new project. I was assigned over Spring break to do ten sketches on my next project – a self portrait based on my theme “Catching the Evanescence”. Before I opened my sketchbook and started to brainstorm, the assignment seemed very tedious and useless to me – I was used to forming ideas in my mind before I picked one out and realized it. Yet, once the process of brainstorming started, I was fascinated by how powerful it could be. It was pretty difficult for me to draw the first sketch, but the process sped up so much after I successfully managed to create the first quick drawing. I felt like I was throwing a giant spiritual web into an unknown ocean of ideas. One idea led to another, ten pages of my sketchbook filled up really quickly.

The drawing that I am currently working on is based on my third sketch – my face is integrated into the body of a trophy and a snake and a rose are coming out of the opening, symbolizing the good feeling I sense when I get inspired and the split in my personality. The biggest struggle I have encountered so far was the resemblance between my drawing and my real face. Despite the fact that I drew my eyes a little bigger than how they really are and I did not include my hair into my drawing, the biggest problem was that the drawing of my face looked really flat. At the end, as Mrs. Smith pointed, the issue was that the contrast of lighting of the selfie I used to draw with was too low to emphasize the sense of three-dimension. So I took a new photo with better lighting, the problem was solved and now my face was standing vividly in the middle of the page.  I am still on my way of trying to figure out what the backgrounds should be. Please stay tuned for the solution of the background and pictures of the completed work.

Burning Man Project: Tree of Wishes

I am now the one and only official assistant to senior seawolf John Jang. Our Burning Man project is called “Tree of Wishes”. Originally, the plan to build the trunk of the tree was rather complicated: PVC pipes were going to be used to build the internal supporting structure of the tree, and the skeleton would be covered by polished plywood painted white. We were struggling with the quantity of PVC pipes and plywood that we should purchase and where the money should come from.

Thanks to a great artisan from the Tabor Boy crew(Sorry that I don’t really know his name), the current plan is so much more simpler. The trunk, instead of containing an inside structure and an outside layer, will be made out of a big sonotube, and we are currently on the process of painting the entire tube white. Neither John or I have spray-painted anything before, so we got stuck because of the lack of proper spray-painting skills. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully, under the help of Mrs. Smith, we can get our project up to speed.

@Williams, Tabor
Apr. 23rd, 2015

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