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What I finally did with my new piece was that I merged rib cage, lung, and a ladybug together. Bones replaced the outer shell of a ladybug, and two pieces of lung became the wings. The finished drawing with ink turned out to be fine, but again I struggled with what to put in the background. I did not think beforehand what kind of setting this mutated ladybug would be in but just wanted to experiment with the idea of merging an insect with human body parts and also this unfamiliar technique of ink drawing.

After a discussion with Ms. Smith, I decided to give the piece a simple green-brownish wash as the background to accentuate the red color in the ladybug. The piece is defined by me as an formal experiment, not a complete drawing, about Surrealism. What I really got from this piece is the idea for my next move: drawing rib cages from observation.

I guess I will soon become good friend with Pablo in the next few days as I am going to draw him naked every day from now on. When I draw I will think about what “to draw from observation” really means, and, if I get any idea, I will turn it into a drawing piece that will fulfill one of RISD’s drawing requirements.

Here we go, off to the final sprint of my portfolio development.

Wish me Luck.

@Williams, Tabor
Oct. 12th, 2015

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