Portfolio, An Update

I was making significant progress during this last portion of 2015. With the Early Decision results announced, I could take the burden of writing more college essays off my shoulder and concentrate solely on my drawing. Besides class time, the after-school art session gave me an roughly extra ninety minutes of studio time per day.

After staring at Pablo for countless hours and at least ten pieces of rough charcoal drawings to consolidate my idea for the RISD Drawing #1, I was finally able to settle down on one idea of composition – drawing two sides of a rib cage on one piece of paper and aligning the two perspectives in a way that the bones interweave with each other – and started working on it over my school’s wonderfully-long Thanksgiving break. I firstly used pencil to put down some really light outlines of the ribs in order to determine the exact locations of each bone and how they are going to cross over each other. Then I put my graphite pencils aside and picked up charcoal pencils. From my short experience with charcoal I found out that, in contrast to pencil’s distinguished line shading, I love the mild tone produced by charcoal after smudging more. That is the reason why I decide to complete my drawing with charcoal, instead of my good old friend graphite.

Creating a dark tone for background is so much easier with charcoal than with pencil: all I need to do was putting down some lines of charcoal and smudge them with paper towel or even finger. Yet, this trait of charcoal made it very hard for me to capture the details: I had to constantly sharpen the tip of my charcoal pencil, which soon became obtuse again after just a few strokes.

In order to put emphasis on my ribs, I purposely drew the spines in an unclear way: after drawing some lines that distinguish the shapes of the spines, I smudged them with my fingers and then applied another layer of lighting charcoal shading on them so that they would merge more to the background instead of standing out with the interwoven ribs.

I will bring this dear drawing of mine to Beijing with me and finalize it there. And it is also time to dig more into my next project: a drawing utensil.

I will post a picture of my drawing after finalizing it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Finally I can go home

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Dec. 16th, 2015

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