A Burning-Man-Inspired Artwork Plan

Since the beginning of the year we have been discussing about Burning Man with Ms. Smith(click the link if you do not know that that is). Although I do not enjoy every element of this event (especially its taking place in a desert), I do find its idea of creating interactive artworks based on the Ten Principles interesting and worth developing(again, click the link if you do not know what I am talking about). Therefore I come up with an idea about creating a sculpture that will be placed right on one of the rocks located on the waterfront.

Everybody knows the Little Mermaid sculpture in Denmark right? In case that you do not know, here is a beautiful picture of it:

Since we are at the school by the sea, a statue featuring a mermaid sitting on a rock grasps and represents the uniqueness of our school perfectly. Of course my idea of the artwork is not just the copy of this existing statue. So here comes the amazing part. The completed statue would have a removable hair part. During the Spring Fest, the metal hair part would be taken away and replaced by many pieces of paper folded into the shape of hair. Right after the sunset, the paper hair would be burnt in front of the whole community. People would gather around the statue and together watch the burning hair as if they are enjoying the beautiful sunset here at Tabor Academy.

So what’s the meaning behind all this burning scene? It starts with the paper. During the Spring Fest, students can each write their wishes for the coming year on huge giant pieces of paper. When the paper is burnt, the particles go high up into the sky and blend with the fabulous constellations. This symbolizes the wishes, together with the particles, will be answered by various super natural forces that live upon the sky and will more likely to come true. Also, the imagery of the burning hair of the mermaid facing the sea and sitting on a rock besides the waterfront  under the immense dark sky provokes a vision of a beacon standing besides the shore with beams of light that illuminate dark roads lying in front of our fellow seawolves.

Yeah, exactly like this:

@Williams, Tabor
Nov. 5th, 2014

6 thoughts on “A Burning-Man-Inspired Artwork Plan

  1. wow.. YES! Your idea wasn’t that appealing when you told us during the class last week, but after I read your blog, it just changed my entire perspective on your idea. I think it’s great.

  2. I think the best part of this idea is the wishes and hopes that we burn at sunset. The mermaid is unnecessary and derivative. If we just replace her hair, then she stops functioning as a wish receptacle. why not create a mermaid that is full of wishes or some other whimsical creature or shape that has more to do with the sending of wishes to “the gods”. Maybe some research about offerings and altars and wish bearers…

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