Catching the Evanescence

Ideas grow on themselves.

At the beginning, it was just the first assignment of the year of my art class. “Pattern as a principle, like repeated objects.” explained Ms. Smith. So, as usual, I took out my sketchbook and started brainstorming. I did most of the thinking in my brain, plotting a giant mind map that kept getting bigger and bigger. A feeling of freedom, which in some way contracts the core idea of pattern, took over my mind. That’s it, I wanted to create repeated objects that posses a strong sense of freedom in them. My hand, holding a pencil, started to move around on the sketchbook and sketches of my ideas appeared. In one of them is the original draft of my final work: a rose is slightly bent by breeze, with its petals flying around in the air.

Having an idea, I started my process of making it happen. I decided to use color pencils in order to create realistic images of the rose and petals. I wanted a fluid background with bright colors and smooth transition, and the first thing in my mind that can help me to achieve this kind of texture is watercolor. Not knowing exactly how to work with watercolor, I consulted Ms. Smith for instructions. After reading some book and watching videos, I learned how to control the tricky watercolor to create a fluid background. I respected my “white” with masking fluid and drew the background first. Everything was going under control until I began to peel the dried masking fluid off. Sticking too tightly to the paper, the dried fluid ripped the part of my paper where the rose would be located. So I had to find another solution…and a bag of air-dry clay came in handy. I traced the outline of the rose and made a “cameo rose” with the clay.

The finished work looks like this…

Watercolor, Color Pencil, and Air-dry Clay “A Study of Petals”

When I was arranging the positions of the petals, I finally got the chance to apply the Golden Spiral. The spiral began at the lower left corner of the paper, and then I just sketched the positions of various shapes of the petals along the curve, making some parts have high density of petals and other parts lower. And something struck my mind during the class critic: What is the chance that one can actually see such a view that all the petals blown off by the wind aligned along the Golden Spiral? I am sure such possibility exists, but I do not think everybody in his or her entire life has the chance to see this. Why? Because such thing just does not happen very often, and when it does, it vanishes before one can possibly notice. It is a flash in the pan.

So here comes my theme: “Catching the Evanescence”

Beautiful things in life sometimes happens too quick to be noticed by anybody, but I think they deserve a place in this world, a place where they can show the world their shine.

@Williams, Tabor
Oct. 8th, 2014

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