Catching the Evanescence II, an Update

It has been three months after I had established my theme for the semester, “Catching the Evanescence”. My intention was to capture the short moments in this material world where so many beautiful things are present but easily ignored by most of us. Yet I found that I could get no inspirations from my intention. In other words, I realized that just to capture a moment was too shallow; I mean, digital cameras can do a much better job than drawings or paintings or sculptures in this field of recording an instant.

So I was rethinking about the direction of my theme one night while I was lying on my bed. It was a Thursday night, and I just had Jazz band rehearsal before study hall. I remembered that I was pretty hyper during the entire study hall because we just played a really cool song during the rehearsal. I could not exactly recall what song it was, but I certainly remembered how I felt; my heart was so pumped by the melody and beats from the drummer and my body was swinging with the rhythm.

Yes! I sort of yelled to myself in my own room, while everybody else was asleep. THIS IS WHERE MY THEME IS GOING!! I was going to capture the EMOTIONS, or, to be specific, EXTREME emotions. Yeah people’s moods varied from minute to minute, but they seldom reached their peaks or bottoms. Yet I thought it was these extreme moments that made people’s life meaningful, so I decided to capture and express these moments through my art.

So the pumped heart I got from Jazz band became the starting point of my theme. I decided to merge a saxophone and a heart organ together, creating a new sort of “musical instruments” which could make people feel excited and energetic whenever it is blowed.

Pumping II

Then…people came into the art studio and saw my draft for my saxophone-heart and they really liked it. Some people even said that they liked it better than my “true” work. So I paid some attention to the draft, and a spark lighted off in my mind; I could turn my draft into a new piece, showing motions of playing Jazz instead of the energy flow I depicted in the previous one.

Pumping I

And the third one is coming along…Wait for my next blog to see the complete series of work!

@Williams, Tabor
Jan. 22nd, 2014

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